About us

UK lighting experts Niki Wright and Scarlett Hampton are thrilled to introduce the US platform for Lights&Lamps Inc; a brand new, online hub for design-oriented lighting. Thanks to the duo's extensive knowledge of the industry, wealth of design ideas and expert resource, lights&lamps is guaranteed to be the brand to watch.

The pair have over 25 years combined experience in designing and developing best-selling lighting and interiors ranges for the British high street and together they have established lights&lamps as the go-to brand for stylish lighting solutions. The launch of the new company signifies the very first time Wright and Hampton's innovative designs are available direct to homeowners and designers, making it a very exciting announcement for the US lighting market.

Thanks to their experience and expertise within the industry, lights&lamps offers something for everyone. Their knowledge of materials and construction means every product is well designed, thoroughly considered and offers the best value for our customers. In fact, their skill and ability to work with different materials - be it hand-woven rattan to fine polished crystal - further emphasises the choice and variety lights&lamps offers.

Inclusivity lies at the heart of lights&lamps; it matches the market-leading designer brands for quality and design, yet also caters to budgets both large and small.

We are positively obsessed with product design but highly motivated by customer experience. We design and make beautiful, desirable lights that you will be proud to display in your home. What's more, lights&lamps enforces a strict fully recyclable packaging policy.

Product design is at the heart of lights&lamps. It’s what we do and we love doing it. It is not just bulbs and switches or bases and shades. Behind every one of our lights and lamps is not just a lot of enjoyment and excitement but also a serious amount of design and detail. So now you know, when you open that box and then switch it on, your new light or your new lamp has been designed by us and created for you.