L&L design story

L&L design story
Product design is at the heart of lights&lamps. It’s what we do, what we love doing and what we want to do more than anything else. Our desks, our iPads our phones are full of drawings and ideas. The hardest part is knowing when to stop!

The ideas are the easy part. Getting them down on paper and making sense of them is where the real work begins. What does it look like? What is the finish? What materials can we use? How does it light? How can it be made? Is it even possible?! Just some of the questions that need to be answered every time we create a new design.

Not to worry, we do this a lot! We sketch it, we sketch it again, we ‘CAD it up’, make changes, make tweaks, change it again...after that we head to the workshop. Our happy place. Its like a mini factory where all our ideas are made into reality. Like kids in a sweet shop but only adults in a development room. Seeing the smallest of parts is exciting. A new glass, a drying stem, a shade being woven, even a new joint being polished. Its what gets us up in the morning...seeing that initial scribble being skill-fully assembled for the very first time.

So thats the first bit done; but are we happy with it? Is it bright enough? Is the size right? Is the colour right? Will anyone else like it?! Usually its fine, sometimes it isn’t, often we make more changes. Some of the modifications we make, you might not even notice; but its all those important details that make our designs stand out. The construction that means we can add it to our collection at a really great price, the quality that makes you raise your eye brows when you open the box and see it for the first time, the effort, the attention to detail, the passion that goes in to every one of our lights and lamps that makes us and you feel proud to have it hanging on your ceiling or perched on your side table.

Its what we love doing and what we’ll keep on doing. Its not just bulbs and switches or bases and shades. Behind every one of our lights and lamps is not just a lot of enjoyment and excitement but also a serious amount of design and detail.

So now you know, when you open that box and then switch it on, your new light or your new lamp has been designed by us and created for you.

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